Bulgarian Prof. Argirova: Antibody Certificates may soon be Recognized in other Countries

Yesterday's issued green certificates can also be given to people who have not been vaccinated, but after testing show that they have antibodies, for example after a disease that may be asymptomatic.

The certificate will be issued by the National Health Information System, as after vaccination, but will be valid only in Bulgaria.

Similar documents have been introduced in other countries.

The accepted IgG values ​​in BAU / ml are accepted by the WHO as an equalizer. The level of over 150 BAU / ml IgG is ten times higher than the reference value, which indicates that the person is protected.

Let people who were tested for antibodies last year not compare the values ​​with those now accepted. In 2020, there was no generally accepted standard. The WHO standard has been applied for 2-3 months, explained to Radio Sofia the virologist Prof. Radka Argirova, chairman of the Bulgarian Society of Medical Virology and a member of the expert council on virology at the Minister of Health.

The figures from each laboratory are recalculated because they are different depending on the tests used.

The WHO and the EU are currently discussing whether the certificates for the sick, which are valid in the respective country, should be recognized at least for pan-European use, said Prof. Argirova.

She added that if after 3 months a person takes a test again, they can find out about the dynamics with which they lose their antibodies.


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