Turkey reiterates its continued support to Libyan Government

Turkey's deputy foreign minister reiterated Ankara's continued support on Nov. 12 for the Libyan Government National Unity and the political process.

Sedat Önal spoke at an International Conference on Libya in Paris that was co-chaired by France, Germany and Italy. He said it was very important that Libyans joined the group.

"We, as Turkey, are determined to support Libya in the future as well," he said, noting the common history and belief between Turkey and Libya.

He also said to ensure sustainable peace and stability in the region, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)'s inherent sovereign rights need to be recognized.

Three priority areas in Libya are ensuring national unity and internal reconciliation supporting the National Unity Government and the issue of the elections, Önal added.

Turkey's opinion taken into consideration

According to information from diplomatic sources, in the declaration published at the end of the conference, some improvements were made by taking into account the opinions and suggestions of Turkey.

It was added to the final declaration that the withdrawal of foreign fighters, mercenaries and foreign forces in Libya would be carried out gradually.

But because some elements that Ankara wanted to see were not clearly included in the text on the status of foreign powers, Turkey made reservations.

While Turkey has only discussed the issues regarding the military consultancy and training support it provided in line with Libya's demand and needs on the basis of a bilateral agreement, it maintained it will deal with the issue, which directly concerns the stability of Libya - not third parties - but with the new government to be formed after the elections.<...

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