Over 40% is the Activity of the Presidential Election. What are the Final Results of the "2 in 1" Vote?

The Central Election Commission has announced the final results of the first round of the presidential election. As of 20.00 on November 14, with 100% processed protocols, the activity was 40.5%.

With 100% of the election protocols processed, the presidential candidate couple Rumen Radev - Iliana Yotova received 49.41% of the votes, and Anastas Gerdjikov and Nevyana Miteva - 22.82%.

Thus, Radev and Gerdjikov will run in the runoff on Sunday, November 21.

Presidential Debate: Radev vs Gerdjikov on Thursday

The CEC is ready, both with the demo version of the ballot for the runoff and with the ballot itself. This time the voting will be much simpler and easier, because the ballot will be only on one page of the machines.

As for the parliamentary elections, the result is also clear. 7 parties find a place in the next parliament. These are:

- "We Continue the Change" - 25.67%

- GERB-SDS - 22.74%

- DPS - 13.0%

- "BSP for Bulgaria" - 10.21%

- "There Is Such a People" - 9.52%

- "Democratic Bulgaria" - 6.37%

- "Vazrazhdane" - 4.86%

With 100% Processed Protocols "We Continue the Change" Officially Wins the Elections in Bulgaria

Less than 100 voting machines were defective in the first round of nearly 12,000. There should be no problems with the runoff machines. If there is a shortage of CECs, they will take one machine each from the sections where there were two machines, but there were not so many willing to vote.


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