Gendarmerie and Police in front of the Turkish Embassy in Sofia, Protecting it from Protests

Gendarmerie and police forces are in front of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey on the capital's Vasil Levski Boulevard.

There are 6 gendarmerie buses on site, a lot of police, a fire truck and an ambulance. The diplomatic car was taken out and left the building with two people inside.

The entrance is closed.

The press center of the Ministry of Interior clarified that the police are on the scene due to a protest against the interference of the southeastern neighbor in the internal affairs of Bulgaria. The action is organized on Facebook under the title "Bulgaria in revolt against Ankara's interference in the runoff". Sofia Municipality has not been notified of the protest and it is not clear exactly who is the organizer.

A little later, a crowd gathered in front of the diplomatic mission building, and participants began throwing tomatoes at the building. Patriotic songs sounded. There were also calls to vote for Rumen Radev in the second round of the presidential election.

One of the protesters is Vasil Kotsev, the man to whom former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov apologized over the phone after Kotsev was summoned to the CDCOC for posting on social media. Borissov insisted on understanding why the directorate was acting in this way. According to Kotsev, the GERB leader assured him that the citizens should not be pressured in this way and encouraged him to send him a text message if there was a problem to discuss it.

At around 17:25, the protesters blocked Vasil Levski Blvd.

Shortly after 6 pm, a march in support of Rumen Radev for the runoff joined the protesters in front of the embassy.

Earlier today, Ankara Ambassador Eileen Sekizkyok was summoned to the Foreign Ministry.


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