The Presidential Debate Radev vs Gerdjikov: Highlights and Messages

Bulgarian National Television broadcasted the only debate between Bulgaria's presidential candidates, Rumen Radev and Anastas Gerdjikov. The candidates debated for an hour and a half about the future of our country over the next 5 years.

They discussed the topics of politics, coronavirus, prices in our country, the green deal, national security and how our country will continue to be represented on the map of Europe. Here are the main highlights of the discussion:



The formation of a regular cabinet

Rumen Radev said that the parties that will seek the formation of a new parliamentary majority should do so around clear principles and visions, and Anastas Gerdjikov said that he also defended this approach in contrast to Radev's approach "to divide, and not to unite the nation ".

Radev denied standing behind the party of Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev, saying he was not involved in political engineering.

Changes in the Constitution

Rumen Radev stated that he has a draft for amendments to the Constitution ready and specified that it envisages expansion of civil rights. Anastas Gerdjikov described as extremely worrying the fact that his opponent has not yet presented the project in question.



Rumen Radev said that the measures taken by the caretaker government are already yielding results and that Bulgaria is at the forefront of the decline in newly infected with covid, and the children have also returned to school. According to Anastas Gerdjikov, the introduction of the green certificate is a form of coercion and said that the last 6 months have been missed to...

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