German Health Minister: "By Spring, Everyone will be Vaccinated, Recovered or Dead."

In the spring at the latest, everyone living in Germany will be immune to the disease. They will either be vaccinated, recovered, or dead. This was stated today at a press conference by the Minister of Health Jens Spahn.

The coronavirus variant of the coronavirus is so contagious that those who do not have the vaccine will become infected in the coming months, and this is inevitable.

"Immunity is always achieved. The question is in what way - through a vaccine, or through illness," said Jens Spahn.

The minister reiterated that the government explicitly recommended vaccination. For the third vaccine, "Moderna" will be offered more. According to the media, Spahn has failed to order enough of the Biontech vaccines, so the American vaccine has to be used. The Minister pointed out that there are large quantities of it and they must be used before their expiration date.

"If Biontech is the Mercedes of vaccines, then Moderna is a Rolls-Royce. Both are of extremely high quality," Span said.


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