World Media on Bulgarian Elections: Anti-Corruption Candidate Rumen Radev Won a Second Term

Rumen Radev, who ran his campaign on an anti-corruption platform, won a second term as president of Bulgaria after defeating Anastas Gerzhikov by 66 percent to 32 percent, world media reported.

According to Reuters, the Bulgarian head of state has gained popularity with his open support for the mass anti-corruption protests against former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov in 2020 and with the appointment of caretaker governments, which have revealed dubious deals with state money of the former government. The authoritative agency also reminds that "two Harvard-educated entrepreneurs, appointed by Radev as caretaker ministers in May, have since formed the" We Continue the Change" party, which won Bulgaria's third national election this year on November 14, promising zero corruption.

Radio Free Europe points out that the president of Bulgaria has largely ceremonial functions, but "Radev has changed his role and is active in the fight against corruption in the poorest country in the EU." The media reminds that "Radev is a fierce rival of Borissov and backed months of protests against the former prime minister's 10-year rule, which began in the summer of 2020. Borissov eventually stepped down as prime minister in April over growing anti-corruption protests against him and his GERB party, accusing Radev of dividing the nation. Borissov's rule and months of political stalemate coincided with rising energy prices and the COVID-19 pandemic in Bulgaria, which has the lowest vaccination rate in the EU. The second interim government, appointed by Radev after the leading parties failed another attempt at forming a government as a result of the July elections, has been sharply criticized for failing to...

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