GR-eco Islands: Halki is just the beginning!

On Friday, November 5, the Prime Minister inaugurated in Halki the project concerning the first island of the national initiative GR-eco Islands, which aims to transform the islands of Greece into models of green economy, energy self-sufficiency, digital innovations and sustainable mobility. The project is a partnership of Greek-French companies, under the coordination of the Ministry of Environment and Energy. It includes the construction and operation of a 1 MWp photovoltaic system that will fully cover the needs of the residents who will participate, through the ChalkiON Energy Community in the production and consumption of clean energy, through the Virtual Net Metering. At the same time, six electric vehicles and corresponding chargers were donated to the local authorities.

At the same time, public lighting was upgraded with "smart" management systems and innovative telecommunications services and technological applications were developed to support e-learning and telemedicine. The intervention was completed with the provision of an electric boat that moves using solar panels. The total amount of the donation for Halki amounts to 1.5 million euros.

What we are seeking through action is, on the one hand, the democratization of electricity generation. The establishment of the Energy Community, in which the Municipality of Halki participates and all residents can register, is the first on an unconnected island, ie on an isolated island electricity system.

For the design of the photovoltaic station, we assessed the electricity consumption needs of local households and businesses, we took into account the movements made by citizens and local authorities, we examined the characteristics of the local economy. Our team at the ministry promoted the...

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