From our News Team: How did the Elections Go in One Covid Section in the Capital of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is at the bottom in COVID-19 related statistics for several months now. The small Balkan country is often mentioned in discussions on low vaccination rates, high mortality, and a high number of infected per capita. Amid this dire situation, the state also had to deal with political instability. Since the beginning of the year, elections were held two times but a government was never established. Instead, for the most part, a caretaker government ruled the country and had to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. It introduced the "green certificate", partial lockdowns, and several other measures to try and deal with the covid waves sweeping the country. As a constitutional right, a Bulgarian citizen has to be provided with the opportunity to vote, no matter the circumstances. Thus the government had to ensure a democratic and convenient way for Bulgarians to be able to choose their leaders. As a result, mobile voting units were established all over the country in each election this year. provides its readers with an eye-witness account of how these units worked during the elections.

On 14.11.2021 the third consecutive elections were held in Bulgaria in conditions of an extraordinary epidemic situation. These elections were special not only because they were the third for the year but because they were combined 2 in 1. Not only did Bulgarians had the option to vote for parliamentary representatives but also for president and vice-president of the country. Already at the beginning of the year, debates took place between the state institutions on the topic of how the right to vote of the quarantined will be ensured. The Institute for the Development of the Public Environment (IDPE) presented the possibility of introducing voting through a...

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