Some 5,000 caravans on the road amid pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic has caused a 30 percent jump in caravan sales in Turkey in a year and some 5,000 caravans are currently on the road across the country, according to a travel author.

"Like everything, the pandemic changed our travel and vacation mentality, too," Melih Uslu, the writer of the book "Anatolia By Car," told daily Milliyet.

People have turned to nature, and the best way to live such quite vacations is to make trips by car or caravan, according to Uslu.

Renting or buying a caravan may be in high demand nowadays, but Turkey is no stranger to the caravan life.

"The Turkish Camping and Caravan Society has been running since 1966. There is also a federation consisting of nine associations," said Uslu.

With a 30 percent jump in caravan sales since the beginning of the pandemic, there are now some 5,000 caravans touring the country, he added.

Buying a caravan is no longer "pensioner's dream." The travel author expressed that "white-collared workers between the ages of 25 and 40 are new caravan buyers."

Uslu said Turkey could easily become a country for caravanners and urged authorities to diversify camping options across the country.

He said Turkey could become a caravan hub in Europe.

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