Swiss envoy to Turkey discusses prospects for sustainable planet

Switzerland's ambassador in Ankara said Nov. 24 that the international community aims to leave a sustainable world for children and future generations.

"We aim for a sustainable planet and a sustainable economy," Jean-Daniel Ruch told a meeting - Rethinking sustainable development: The social, environmental, economic value behind the healthcare industry - held in Ankara.

The importance of sustainable development and the latest developments in this field, Turkey's health economy dynamics, bilateral economic relations, and Switzerland's role in the creation and implementation of sustainable development goals were discussed at the meeting.

Ruch described the commitment of the Swiss pharma giant Novartis and other similar companies in the private sector to achieve sustainable development goals put forward at the U.N. climate change conference in Glasgow, Scotland, as a very strong landmark.

The ambassador also underlined that Novartis is one of the companies that allocates the largest budget to research and development activities in the pharmaceutical industry.

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