The Anti-Covid “Merck” Pill turns out as not very Effective

Updated data from the experimental pill for the treatment of COVID-19 by the American company Merck & Co show that its effectiveness is significantly lower than the original report. According to preliminary data from October, "molnupiravir" reduces the risk of death and hospitalization by 50%.

Now, in more than 1,400 patients - twice as many as in October - the risk is reduced by 30%. Following the announcement, the company's shares fell 3%, but this may include the effect on the stock exchanges of the news of the appearance of a mutated version of COVID-19 in South Africa.

Preliminary data showed hospitalization of 7.3% of those given the pill twice daily for 5 days and no deaths 29 days after treatment (in the placebo group, 14.1% were hospitalized). The updated data speak of 6.8% hospitalized and one deceased in the treated, as well as 9.7% hospitalized in the control group.


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