East blanketed in snow, west battered by rain


Turkey's eastern and western provinces have been hit by heavy precipitation and adverse weather conditions, as meteorologists have announced a 'yellow alert' for 27 out of all 81 provinces until Nov. 29.

While snow blanketed the eastern provinces of Erzurum and Kars and the Central Anatolian provinces of Yozgat and Sivas, heavy downpours caused floodings and traffic accidents in many western provinces.

Snow blocked roads connecting six villages in Sivas, while drivers in the eastern province of Ardahan had hard times driving on icy roads.

Heavy rains caused floodings in the Fethiye district of the southwestern province of Muğla, the western provinces of İzmir and Manisa and the southern province of Antalya.

Due to heavy downpours, many offices and houses on ground floors flooded, and an accident happened in Antalya's Demre district, injuring two people.


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