Bulgaria: Challenging Weather in the Next 48 hours

In the next 48 hours the weather will offer us serious autumn-winter challenges. A configuration of a cold front and a Mediterranean cyclone will provide strong winds, significant amounts of rain and wet snow.

A cold front is passing over the country from northwest to southeast on Monday. It will be cloudy throughout the day with precipitation, which will be in significant quantities in the southern and eastern regions. Thunderstorms are possible in the Southeast. Again in this part of the country will blow a strong southwest wind with gusts in some areas about 100 kilometers per hour.

In the evening, the precipitation will temporarily decrease, and in the east it will even stop. In the warm part of the day the temperatures will be from 10 to 15 degrees Celsius in Western Bulgaria and between 15 and 19-20 degrees Celsius in the eastern regions.

Meanwhile, a cold wind will blow from the northwest, which will cause cooling. A Mediterranean cyclone will pass over the country in the late hours of Monday, at night and on Tuesday morning. Wet snow will fall - successively in the western regions, central Bulgaria and in the Northeast. Snow cover in the flat part of the country will be between 5 and 10 centimeters. On the high mountain massifs of the Southwest and in the central Stara Planina, however, meteorological models forecast about 30 centimeters and more.

On Tuesday until the early afternoon, the precipitation will stop almost everywhere with the breaking of the clouds. However, the day will remain cold and windy with temperatures from 1 to 5-6 degrees Celsius in the west and up to 9-10 in Eastern Bulgaria. The wind gusts will be especially strong in the Danube plain.

Wednesday and Thursday will be the days when the clouds will...

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