Before the Ministerial Talks, Bulgarian Socialists’ Leader wants a Coalition Agreement

At a meeting with the Socialists of Positano 20, BSP leader Kornelia Ninova announced that there must first be a written coalition agreement with clear and specific policies, and only then determine the structure and staff of the Council of Ministers, the party's press office said.

Today, Kornelia Ninova brought together the leaders of the working groups from BSP for Bulgaria, who participated in the first negotiations for a government, in order to summarize and detail what has been achieved so far. The leader told her that it is important for BSP to be the social pillar in the future government and to protect children and young families, the working people, the poor and pensioners, as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

"During the discussions with the other parties, an agreement was reached on a number of issues, but there are still those that are controversial. On them, additional talks and a leadership meetings are forthcoming" the statement said.


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