"They chose me to defend the Serbs, not to show cowardice; Many find this irritating"

"I protect the interests of those who elected me, and the interest of the Republika Srpska and Serbian people is to implement the Dayton Peace Agreement and the letter of the Constitution of Annex 4 of the Dayton Agreement. I think that is legitimate," Dodik said being hosted on our television show Drugi ugao ("From another angle").
He emphasized that there was no violent activity and something that would represent a kind of revolution.
"We will continue with that and no one can stop us," Dodik said.
He pointed out that time has shown that Bosnia-Herzegovina's authorities are not necessary.
"At this moment, the Republika Srpska is functioning in the only legal and legitimate way, and many are annoyed by that and many do not want to see that," Dodik pointed out. He emphasized that through diplomatic activities with the President of the Republic of Srpska, Zeljka Cvijanovic, and other associates, they are trying to break the stereotype that has long persisted in BiH about one, universal culprit, and to explain the situation.
"On Monday evening, US and European officials discussed three topics related to property, the imposed decision of the former High Representative and the Election Law, how to overcome the inevitable issue of the former High Representative's decision and property illegally dealt with by the BiH Constitutional Court", Dodik pointed out.
He said that the imposed decision of the former High Representative of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Valentin Inzko, must be withdrawn.

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