Von Cramon "shocked"; Brnabic: What Viola is telling us? That we should shoot people?

Namely,Von Cramon expressed hope that there would be a change of approach towards official Belgrade. According to her, that change could happen when her party takes over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, as envisaged by the coalition agreement.
"What does Viola tell us: 1. That we should shoot at people to show 'full respect', as in the case of Pristina? 2. That the rule of law in the case of Pristina is one thing, and in the case of Belgrade another? 3. That Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija do not have the same rights as citizens anywhere else? Sad and hypocritical", Brnabic said on Twitter.

Случај 2: Стотинак људи, без пријаве скупа, затвори међународни путни правац и забрани кретање свих осталих широм Србије. Држава одлучи да не примењује силу. Виола фон Крамон: шокирана сам реакцијом власти, "контрамере државе су биле изузетно тврде и нису биле адекватне".

— Ana Brnabic (@anabrnabic) November 30, 2021

"Case 1: ROSU, contrary to the Brussels Agreement, invades the north of AP Kosovo and Metohija. Serbs take to the streets to express a peaceful protest. ROSU shoots at them and only by sheer luck kills no one (Srecko Sofronijevic gets wounded). Viola von Cramon: that is the rule of law, Pristina's reaction is for 'full respect'. Case 2: Hundreds of people, without registering a rally, close international routes and ban all others to move freely throughout Serbia. The state decides not to use force. Viola Von Cramon: 'I am shocked by the government's reaction', "The state's countermeasures were extremely harsh and inadequate," the prime minister added.

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