Crisis Staff decides today: Apart from holidays, there're 2 other topics on the table

Session of the Crisis Staff for combating coronavirus epidemic will be held today at 3 p.m.
Some media reported that the Medical Part of the Crisis Staff requested a session as soon as possible, due to the appearance of a new omicron strain of coronavirus, which is also registered in Europe. Moreover, the decision on the winter school holidays should be on the table. There is also information that there could be controversy about COVID passes and their extension.
Also, there is concern of doctors about the opening of the ski season, so there are speculations that certain measures could be related to that.
The profession is committed to starting the holiday earlier, and epidemiologist and member of the Crisis Staff Dr Predrag Kon said a few days ago that the holiday should start earlier due to the arrival of our people from abroad before Christmas.
"Children can be infected in schools. The situation in schools is now calm because we stopped the spread of the virus with extended holidays, but after returning to school, the numbers started to grow. They have not yet reached those before the holidays and the question is whether it will, but proactive thinking about preventing proliferation has now become even more rational with the appearance of omicron variant", Kon said.

The appearance of omicron

As for the new strain of coronavirus, the first estimates of experts say that the strain that was first registered in South Africa and Botswana could be omicron. First of all, because a record 50 mutations were discovered on it, of which as many as 30 on the famous spike protein.
"The appearance of a new variant of the coronavirus, called omicron, shows the evolutionary potential of that virus, that is, that the virus will...

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