Mutafchiiski: Europe is Unlikely to Remain Indifferent to the Low Levels of Vaccination in Bulgaria

Europe will probably not remain indifferent to the low levels of vaccination in our country. This was commented on BNT by Prof. Ventsislav Mutafchiiski, director of the Military Medical Academy.

According to him, despite the rights of free movement of citizens, it is very possible to impose restrictions on Bulgaria or at least to advise citizens of other countries to avoid traveling to our country.

More than 90% of COVID patients at the Military Medical Academy have not been vaccinated, said General Mutafchiiski. According to him, it is increasingly common for a patient to admit that he has obtained a fake certificate when his condition worsens.

Mutafchiiski urged people not to listen to advice not to get vaccinated because of concomitant diseases.

"People, when they tell you not to get vaccinated because of many comorbidities, it's a complete lie. Many concomitant diseases are the first indication for immunization, "said Mutafchiiski.

The mass vaccination of billions of people around the world is proof that vaccines against COVID are safe, said Prof. Mutafchiiski. He added that vaccinating so many people was unprecedented and proving that immunizations were safe.

In 2-3 weeks I expect to receive enough data on the issues that interest us about the Omicron variant - whether the new strain bypasses immunity, whether it is more severe, how it is affected by vaccines.

According to him, whatever is being said about the Omicron variant at the moment is speculative. The new variant has over 50 mutations, 30 of which are in the rosehip protein. This is the variant with the most mutations so far. However, mutations do not always mean that the variant is worse.

The Military Medical Academy was established as...

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