Germany has decided - lockdown for unvaccinated

German interim government will introduce harsh measures for unvaccinated people in order to curb COVID-19 and alleviate the pressure on hospitals due to a new variant of the virus - omicron variant.
On Thursday, German regional prime ministers agreed with outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel to impose strict restrictions on those who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19.
On Thursday, Merkel called on the heads of 16 German federal states to make a decision on new restrictions across the country. During the pandemic, state leaders were largely free to decide on their own measures against COVID.
Under the new restrictions, unvaccinated people will be denied access to restaurants, theaters and shops that are not necessary.
Nightclubs are also being closed in areas where the infection is high, while the number of spectators at large-scale events will be reduced. According to Merkel, the 2G rules will be extended to retail, and access to cultural and recreational facilities (including cinemas, theaters, restaurants) will also be possible only for vaccinated people and those who have had COVID passes, regardless of the negative test.
"Now comes the Advent blockade for the unvaccinated. Vaccination will be mandatory from October," Merkel said. Speaking on Thursday, outgoing Health Minister Jens Spahn told ZDF television that the plan was essentially a "lockdown for the unvaccinated".
"More than 12 million adults who have not been vaccinated is what challenges the health system," he added.

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