Can Bulgaria impose Mandatory Vaccination for COVID-19

"The European Commission says 1/3 of Europe's population has not been vaccinated. A pandemic of the unvaccinated awaits us. According to the national legislation of each country, it can be considered whether vaccines against COVID-19 will become mandatory. The legislation in Bulgaria has such an opportunity and if someone decides it could happen." This was stated in "Hello, Bulgaria" by the specialist in medical law Dr. Maria Petrova.

In order to change the ordinance, a rather long procedure under the Law on Normative Acts had to be passed.

"The norms for such a change are not easy. This is subject to many debates and discussions and will not happen from today to tomorrow. It is important to note that a vaccine is always voluntary, whether recommended or mandatory. In one case, however, there is a sanction," added Dr. Petrova.


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