Leader of DB: We will work to make Bulgarians Abroad feel Equal Citizens no matter where they are

We all need to realize that it is good to pave the way for something new. Besides, it is good to remember sometimes that one can take a step aside. For example, I declare that I will not be a minister.

This was stated by the leader of "Democratic Bulgaria" Hristo Ivanov from the rostrum of the parliament during the opening of the 47th National Assembly.

"A lot has been said about the challenges and crises we are facing. I want to say a few words about hope. Because it seems to me that at the end of this year, with so many twists and turbulences, we are reaching a point where we can allow ourselves to talk about hope. Hope will be a good start to our work together here. Bulgaria has great grounds for hope. Yes, we are in a difficult situation, but beyond that, recovery on new paths allows Bulgaria to greatly shorten that path which has always separated us from the most developed societies. We must set such a goal to make a leap in our development," he said.

Hristo Ivanov said that since the DB is "smaller, they will rely on hope":

"We want to contribute to the formation of a new democratic majority that will set a new page in development. I hope that in this parliament we can do more work. Every government must be aware of its limitations and whenever power is given and used, We must remember this, we believe in institutions and procedures, we believe in memory, we will not forget that our ideology starts from the negation of the totalitarian regime, we cannot create democracy without remembering the opposite, because it easily raises its head and brings it back," he added.

According to Hristo Ivanov, the country is in a special moment.

"Those of us who were on the streets and...

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