Ruzic: Pupils in the school benches next week as well

Less than a thousand students are currently infected with coronavirus, which is 0.15 percent, but that is a statistic and it is important that we promote the application of epidemiological measures through education and work with students and teachers, but also raise awareness of the need to deal with this plague, and the best way to fight and win is a vaccine, said Branko Rui.
"In about 80 percent of classes in all of Serbia in all primary and secondary schools, we do not have a single case positive for coronavirus, which shows that this system is vital, but it cannot be excluded from the general population, so it is important that all measures are respected. There are cases when parents send sick children to school, but that is not a large number and it is up to us to work on prevention and education," said Ruzic.
The reaction to direct teaching in schools is more than positive and there were no protests from parents or teachers, the minister said.
"It was about the earlier date of the holiday, and for all of us, the health of the students is a priority. The initial idea was to start the holiday two weeks earlier, in case the parameters remained bad, however, we have decided to work according to the prescribed calendar. If there is a deterioration, we will apply appropriate measures," said Ruzic.
As for excursions, the Minister said that they are theoretically possible if the school is in the green zone for at least a week, as well as the local self-government or destination where excursions or classes in nature should be conducted, but the procedure is essentially more complicated, so a few schools are ready to start this procedure.

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