Turkey slams statement by 'so-called parliament of the Syrian regime'

Ankara on Dec. 2 rejected a statement by the so-called parliament of the Assad regime, targeting Turkey's  territorial integrity.

'We strongly reject the impertinent and unlawful statement targeting the territorial integrity of our country, which has been made by the regime's so-called People's Assembly which is devoid of democratic legitimacy and under no circumstances represents the Syrian people,' the Foreign Ministry spokesperson Tanju Bilgiç has said. 

'Such statements are also signs of delusional impasse of the regime, which has been oppressing his own people for years, responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands innocent people and displacement of millions from their lands and homes,' he added. 

'Turkey, as in the past, today and also in the future, has perseverance and determination to respond to contemptible aspirations against its homeland and any threats to its national interests,' Bilgiç stated. 


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