DPS at the Consultations with the President: Bulgaria Needs a Regular Cabinet

At 11.30 am, the Movement for Rights and Freedoms entered into consultations with the President to form a government.

"This year the Bulgarian citizens voted for change in three consecutive elections. Our society's expectations are for a regular government. Therefore, the opinion of each of the parliamentary groups on the activities of the new parliament, the work and formation of the future government is important for us," said in front of DPS representatives, President Rumen Radev.

DPS leader Mustafa Karadayi said there were indeed three elections as a result of the country's political crisis. According to him, however, the political crisis does not occur in one day, and over the years we have reached the situation we are in.

"Overcoming the political crisis can happen through dialogue between parties, political actors and dialogue between institutions. It is not a new topic for us from DPS, because over the years we have repeatedly warned that we could reach such a political crisis. We could define what we mean by restoring normalcy in politics, restoring democracy and restoring statehood. The question is how we are overcoming the political crisis," he said.

Karadayi said the country needs a regular cabinet in view of the many crises - the crisis, health, social, economic and financial, inflation, which is currently developing, rising prices.

"This requires responsible governance, vision management, requires responsible political actors with swift, urgent action to overcome the crisis and look to the future," the DPS leader said.

Karadayi believes that we are late with the Recovery and Sustainability Plan and we are late with the operational programs.

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