Aegean tourism hotspots flooded by heavy rains

Heavy precipitation caused flooding in the Bodrum, Milas and Marmaris districts of the southwestern province of Muğla late on Dec. 4.

Bodrum suffered the most damage, with streams brimming over and rocks falling from hills blocking some of the main roads. Many houses and offices on the ground floor flooded.

According to the Turkish State Meteorological Service, some 155 kilos of rainfall per square meter fell on Marmaris. The floods took hundreds of round timbers that were cut from the trees burnt in the summer wildfires to the district's center. The roads connecting the İçmeler and Turunç neighborhoods were blocked because of the logs.

"Some 61 flood incidents occurred in some 25 houses, two hotels and various lands," a provincial fire company in Marmaris said in a statement.

Residents of the Gümüşlük neighborhood of Milas had to put coal sacks in front of their residences to stop the floodwater from entering.

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