Logar supports ICC on behalf of EU at assembly session

Ljubljana – As a representatives of the current EU presiding country, Slovenia’s Foreign Minister Anže Logar expressed strong support for the International Criminal Court (ICC) on behalf of the EU and its member states as he addressed via video call on Monday the 20th session of the assembly of states parties to the Rome Statute of the ICC.

Logar also emphasised the role of the ICC’s independence and integrity, the Foreign Ministry said in a press release on Tuesday.

He pointed to the importance of providing help to victims of atrocities, cooperation with the court, and the EU and its members’ commitment to cooperate with all partners.

Logar urged universal adherence to and ratification of the Rome Statute, which is a long-term goal of the EU in a bid to implement criminal liability and justice.

The assembly, held partly online due to the pandemic, started on Monday in The Hague and will wrap up on Saturday.

Slovenian Ambassador to the Netherlands Sanja Štiglic will appear at an event Slovenia will co-organise on Wednesday to promote the MLA Initiative.

As part of it, Slovenia, Argentina, Belgium, Mongolia, the Netherlands and Senegal advocate adopting a treaty on mutual legal aid and extraditions with a view to prosecute genocide, atrocities against humanity and war crimes before national courts, the ministry said.

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