Mixing Vaccines against COVID-19 provides better Protection

The immune response in people who received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccines from Astra Zeneca and Biontech / Pfizer with Moderna was higher, according to a large British study.

"We found a really good immune response overall ... actually higher than the threshold set by the two doses of Astra Zeneca vaccine," Matthew Snape, an Oxford professor who led a study called Com-COV2, told Reuters.

If the Astra Zeneca vaccine is followed by the Moderna or Novavax vaccine, the number of antibodies and T cells is higher than with two doses of Astra Zeneca, the researchers found. The study, which involved 1,070 volunteers, also showed that one dose of the Biontech / Pfizer vaccine was followed by Moderna or Novavax.

The results are good news, especially for lower-income countries that cannot afford a broad enough portfolio of vaccines, Reuters added.


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