Health Minister Katsarov after Booster Dose: Vaccines are Safe and Effective

"Over 90% of the victims of COVID-19 in our Bulgaria are elderly unvaccinated citizens. It is normal when launching a new product, such as Covid-19 vaccines, that every doctor wants indisputable evidence of its safety and effectiveness. One year later, we have no reason to doubt. More than 7 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine have already been given worldwide, and less than 1 in 1 million cases of severe side effects. Vaccines are highly effective - in over 90% of cases they guarantee a mild course of the disease. They really save lives." This was stated by the Minister of Health Dr. Stoycho Katsarov after he was given a booster dose of vaccine against coronavirus infection.

On the occasion of the upcoming Christmas holidays, the Minister appealed: "Follow the requirements of the" green certificate ", get vaccinated, if you have not already done so, put on a booster dose, wear masks where the environment is more risky, respect the restrictions. Save your life and that of your loved ones! "

Dr. Katsarov commented that the government spends tens of millions every month on drugs and hospital care in a pandemic, but vaccinations against coronavirus infection are the surest way to prevent severe disease and death. We do not need to risk our health and give so much money once we have reliable protection for vaccines, at a much lower cost. The Minister of Health pointed out that he himself already has triple protection, because he has been ill, vaccinated, and as of today has a booster dose.

As of December 9, nearly 3.5 million doses have been administered in Bulgaria, and over 1.8 million people have completed a vaccination course, said Dr. Katsarov. He also commented that the introduction of the "green certificate" has contributed...

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