Decision adopted in Banja Luka - D day for Republika Srpska

At today's session, four pieces of information were discussed, after which conclusions were adopted regarding judicial institutions, defense and security, and indirect taxes.
52 MPs voted, of which 49 from the RS ruling coalition backed the conclusions.
The all-day debate in the National Assembly of Republika Srpska (NSRS) was marked by fierce conflicts and mutual accusations of the position and the opposition.
On the other hand, opposition politicians pointed to the danger that withdrawal from bodies and institutions such as the BiH Armed Forces and the formation of the RS army could have major negative consequences, including conflicts.
Opposition MPs left the assembly session before the vote.

"Cowards and traitors"

Laws and other regulations transferring competencies from the RS to the institutions of Bosnia-Herzegovina shall not apply in the territory of Srpska from the date of entry into force of the laws and other regulations referred to in item 2 of these conclusions.

The president of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD), Milorad Dodik, accused the opposition of teaching lessons to the ruling coalition and called them "cowards and traitors".
Dodik said that it was not true that the Republika Srpska was in crisis, as the opposition claims, stating that the statement of the U.S. diplomat Gabriel Escobar that he "broke the unified defense of the Republika Srpska" was confirmed today.
As he said, the ruling majority made the decision to raise the issue of withdrawing the consent of RS to the transfer of competencies, and for the opposition to try to demoralize the efforts of Srpska to return the competencies that belong to it. He said that he has the support of "foreign friends" for his...

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