Vučić: "Everything will be seen on April 3" VIDEO

Vucic stated that there is no need for him to be at the head of the SNS anymore, because they have been tired of him in the previous 10 years.
He also referred to the Law on Expropriation.
"Vanity, competencies, people put, for example, in the Law on Expropriation some unnecessary things to make themselves important," said Vui at the opening of the launch of works on the construction of the electric motor factory of the Japanese Nidec Corporation in Novi Sad.
"People are interested in living better, they are not interested in foreign relations," he added.

"I have nothing against it"

He spoke of assumptions that he had allegedly suffered a "political defeat".
"They are right. I have nothing against that. My vanity is not so great that I cannot admit defeat. I have no problem with that... Being defeated in politics is not something terrible, it is common," said President of Serbia.
It is important how the people live and that they are proud of the results. He pointed out that the results were important to him, alluding to eight factories in Novi Sad... When asked if Djilas wins, Vucic points out that "they have great chances".
"Is Djilas and his team winning? I'm sure they have great chances, I'm sure that in the conditions of horrible media pressures both outside and inside, social networks, atmospheres in which results are no longer important... People who belong to certain media in Serbia didn't have a single question for me about this factory. It was 'just to find something bad'," Vucic explained.
"Everything will be seen on April 3. Everyone will see. There is no lying. Everything will be seen when the votes are counted. I believe in the people, the citizens, that people appreciate diligence, work,...

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