Kon: "This is not the end"; "We're shaking"

"The new strain of coronavirus omicron has come to more than 60 countries. There are still no confirmed cases in our country, but that does not mean that the virus is not there," said Kon.
As he stated, the number of newly infected people in Serbia is much smaller, and the numbers are falling.
"We expect a further decline. Less than 1.000 new infections were recorded yesterday, there will not be such small numbers, but we can expect about 1.500 patients a day. The situation is far from favorable, but what is important is that the trend is improving, that's good," the epidemiologist pointed out.
He referred to the number of new patients in schools, saying that it is very important that the situation has stabilized and that the number of newly infected in schools is at a standstill. The epidemiologist emphasized that it is important to understand that very little time has passed since the appearance of a new strain, and that it is still early to talk about the characteristics of omicron.
"This variant is easily transmitted through all populations. It can be expected in children. We still do not have clear data on what kind of strain this is, but it is clear that this is a milder variant, which is good," Predrag Kon emphasized.
Regarding vaccination and its effectiveness in omicron strains, Kon said that the third dose of the vaccine best prevents a new variant of the virus.
"The effectiveness of the vaccine has dropped. The first two doses are the most important, but the third dose is needed, so I once again appeal to everyone to receive the third dose. In this situation, while we are waiting for a new strain, it is time to protect ourselves."
He states that a new variant is expected to appear in Serbia around the New Year,...

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