"Little Trump" re: Kosovo and Metohija: "He has already chosen sides; it's a shame"

Namely, as he stated, Blinken has already shown that he chose the side and that is why he has no credibility.
"I am someone who was applauded and criticized by both sides (Serbs and Albanians). I am very pleased with the progress we have made. I have supporters and slanderers on both sides," Grenell told Pavlovic Today.
Speaking about the Washington agreement, Grenell said that the point related to energy diversification did not please either Belgrade or Pristina, and assessed that Serbia should continue to move on the path of diversification of its energy, moving away from Russia and China, "because no one should rely on one country or one form of energy".
He also said that he felt that the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui, "in the end was very brave to recognize that and to move forward". Grenell recently attended a diplomatic dinner organized for the members of the Congress by Serbian Ambassador to the United States Marko Djuric, and when asked if he was satisfied with the current bilateral relations between Serbia and the United States, he said he was never completely satisfied. "I always want to raise the bar to do more," he said.
He also stated that, after visiting Belgrade and Pristina, he returned fully convinced that "all people and politicians are eager to achieve economic normalization". He also finds it shocking that many Americans do not understand that the Washington Agreement has made progress compared to the past 20 years, and he revealed that former U.S. First Lady Melania Trump was one of the most ardent supporters of reaching an economic agreement between Belgrade and Pristina.
"We are really at a fundamentally different point, a different relationship between America and Kosovo and America and Serbia and Serbia,...

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