The New Cabinet: Ninova promised that Instead of a Sole Power Figure there will be Institutions

Bulgarian Socialist Party leader and deputy prime minister-designate Kornelia Ninova has announced that her party will be the guarantor of social policies in the new government. She chose some of the measures that are being adopted - to have free kindergartens for all children, to have no pensioners below the poverty line, to reduce imports in favor of Bulgarian agriculture.

According to Ninova, BSP's dream of "a healthy people who work, earn salaries and have pensions and walk on clean land" is about to come true.

"In our quest to secure another future, we will never forget the change in the model. Instead of sole power, we will help have institutions, instead of behind the scenes - there will be transparency. Instead of nepotism and "ladybugs" - there will be order, there will be justice," said Kornelia Ninova. She called for the change to begin in parliament.


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