Bulgarian Doctor: We are Waiting for a Vaccine that will Protect us Completely from COVID

"I hope that another type of vaccine will be developed soon, according to the classic method, long-lasting vaccines, multifactorial, which with one injection will completely protect us from current and future variants of the coronavirus."

This was said on BNR by the infectious disease specialist Prof. Georgi Popov from Sofiamed University Hospital.

"We are actively working in this direction in the world. Such a promising vaccine is a joint development of Austrian and French companies - a vaccine against the whole virus. There is even approval from the EMA. Therefore, anyone who hesitates, let them wait and apply this vaccine, developed according to the classical methods, approved 100 years ago", he commented.

According to the doctor, the vaccine should protect us from the disease, but there is no such vaccine at the moment, and those on the market have compromised themselves:

"This is because the existing vaccines in the world are not long-term. The ones available in Bulgaria have been created against the Wuhan variant and the subsequent variants. We know that there is a new vaccine of Moderna and Pfizer against Omicron, but it is not yet reached Bulgaria," the professor said.

He predicts that people will get sick several times, but the more they are "shaken" by the virus, the more serious the effect on the body will be due to the long-term COVID syndrome.

Vaccines, although they have shown that they do not protect 100%, are still an option, as protection for both adults and young people, he stressed.

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