Bulgaria: Record Investments are Set in the 2022 Budget

"Many of the policies set out in the coalition agreement cannot be valued in this budget because of the short time. But we plan an update in the middle of the year that will include everything. This is a budget that is trying to achieve a lasting change in the parameters and trajectory of economic growth in the country." This was stated by the Minister of Finance Asen Vassilev, who presented the highlights of the financial framework for 2022. For the first time since 1997, our country entered the new year without an adopted financial framework.

There are three main focuses in the budget: increasing capital investment, investing in people and social justice, and ensuring an adequate standard of living for all Bulgarian citizens.

"GDP growth of 4.8 percent is set, as well as a reduction in unemployment and a deficit without COVID measures of 2.5 percent, and with them - 4.5 percent," said Vassilev.

Doubling of capital investments is also envisaged.

"Investing in people is the most important way to achieve high levels of income and a peaceful life. There are investments in children's health care, additional subsidies for hospitals and those in remote regions that cannot be supported only by money from the Health Insurance Fund," pointed out the minister.

BGN 13 million will be invested in free nurseries from April 1, and BGN 80 million - for free kindergartens. Another BGN 70 million are allocated for the construction and expansion of kindergartens. "There will be compensation for parents who do not have the opportunity to enroll their children there," the minister promised.

BGN 23 million are given to finance medical care in the health offices of schools, nurseries and...

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