Complete collapse of the system in Europe - Brussels acknowledged the oversights

Until now, European Commission boasted that she helped ensure freedom of movement in the EU during the pandemic, especially through the plan to open Europe, and now finds herself in a situation where legal interpretations can no longer provide answers to specific real-life situations travelers find themselves in, from one member to another.
The differences from country to country regarding the use of COVID certificates have become so different that a real nightmare has arisen.
Some states require such certificates for children over the age of six, others no longer recognize evidence of a negative test, and some require a third booster dose.
Austria, meanwhile, has introduced mandatory vaccinations against COVID-19 for those over 18. And some member states disrupted the measures. These differences have led to EU citizens no longer knowing how and where they can travel and under what conditions.
In France, COVID certificates are now actually being converted into vaccination certificates. So it is no longer enough to contain data on a fresh negative PCR test, as it has been so far.


The European Commission has no answers to all these questions, except for the repetition of the interpretation of the law and the very meaning of the introduction of COVID certificates, which was the idea of ​​the European Commission.
"The European COVID-19 certificate is intended for the possibility of traveling within the EU, i.e. from country to country, and when someone is within a certain country, then he must respect the rules adopted by its authorities," said European Commission spokesman Eric Mamer, reiterating that measures in the states are the national authority of the governments there. ...

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