Scandal in Sarajevo: Dodik reacted calmly VIDEO

According to the federal media, the Serbian member of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina, after greeting, before today's meeting, just passed and sat down in his place.
The protocol is for the members of the Presidency of BiH to take photos with the guests in front of the flags of BiH, and then hold a meeting, but, according to Sarajevo's N1 TV, Dodik just waved his hand and passed by.
Komsic also just waved his hand, which, as it is stated, can be seen in the first video that was forwarded to the media integrally from the Press Service, but soon after that an updated version was sent in which this act is not seen.

Dodik se odbio fotografisati sa Power i Nelsonom, pogledajte reakciju Komia 👉

— TV N1 Sarajevo (@N1infoSA) January 21, 2022

And then he explained that he didn't know

"I am sorry that Samantha Power did not have the opportunity to visit Republika Srpska and I cannot believe that her three-day stay could not include Srpska in her agenda. That speaks volumes about their respect for the institutions of Republika Srpska," he said after the meeting, adding that he did not know that the protocol envisages joint photography.
"We remain committed to peace in Bosnia-Herzegovina and peace is a priority. We will not make the status of Srpska a priority unless it means peace, but it is important to emphasize that the things we are witnessing are not in line with the Dayton Accords and do not represent democracy," Dodik added.
He also said at a special press conference that he had "information that the Prosecutor's Office of BiH is digging into old cases on the orders of 'Americans', trying to find something against him, with the aim of filing an...

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