Bulgarian Health Minister: Restrictions in Five Areas are Expected within Days

"The measures that will be taken in the areas with higher morbidity will be taken in 5 days. These are the districts of Sofia-city, Blagoevgrad, Pernik, Stara Zagora, Burgas. These measures will be taken at the district level. We have maximally reflected the desire of the Ministry of Education to preserve the face-to-face education of children from 1st to 4th grade," said Professor Serbezova. She added: "At the present stage, the current face-to-face learning process is preserved, which is closely monitored. The vacation, announced by Academician Nikolay Denkov, will provide an opportunity for a break without harming the learning process." This was stated on Nova TV by the Minister of Health, Professor Asena Serbezova.

It's Final: Introduction of New COVID Measures in Sofia

"The 14-day morbidity varies in different districts of the country. From 265 per 100 thousand people - to 2369 people per 100 thousand people in Blagoevgrad. These large differences are determined by various factors. Therefore, each Regional Headquarters, depending on the situation takes regional measures. With this big difference at the regional level, restrictions at the national level are not needed at the moment."

According to her, thanks to the model of the Ministry of Health for crisis management with COVID-19, the number of sick medical staff is taken into account. "The number of beds can be increased, but it is very important who will treat us. The morbidity of the medical staff is monitored daily", the Minister is categorical. According to her, the most problematic in terms of morbidity at the moment is Sofia.

COVID-19 in Bulgaria: When will the Green Certificate Fall

She disagreed...

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