Bulgarian Professor: At the End of Spring the Cases will Decrease Sharply

"The good thing about Omicron is that a very low percentage of people are admitted to hospitals and a very low percentage have severe symptoms of the disease." This was said on the Bulgarian National Radio by Prof. Todor Kantardzhiev, advisor to the Sofia Municipality on health issues and former director of the National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases.

In our country, there is strong evidence that the disease passes more easily, he said.

According to the results of sequenced samples, only 7 people out of 227 with Omicron are in hospital, said Prof. Kantardzhiev. According to him, it is good that we maintain lower numbers of people in hospitals.

"By the end of spring we will have a sharp decrease in cases, even in our country. We will have a lull in the summer."

The measures should not be very strict and restrictive, but they should be timely, Kantardzhiev summed up. According to him, the effect of the introduced measures should be visible in two weeks, otherwise the motivation of the population is lost.

Mixed infection with influenza and coronavirus is rare, said Todor Kantardzhiev.

More than half a million people in our country have received a third, booster injection, the specialist added.

A universal flu vaccine has been underway for 40-50 years, but every year the WHO changes the composition of influenza vaccines, commented Prof. Kantardzhiev on the development of a universal vaccine against Covid-19. According to him, a universal vaccine is very difficult to make.


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