The United States is Considering Additional Troops in the Baltics and Eastern Europe

US President Joe Biden is considering deploying additional US troops, aircraft and naval forces to the Baltic states and Eastern Europe. Such information was published in The New York Times, citing sources from the US administration.

According to the media, we might be talking about "several thousand" servicemen. The decision to deploy additional troops could be made within a week, sources said.

US State Department has Ordered the Families of all Employees of US Embassy in Kiev to leave Ukraine

According to the newspaper on Saturday, Pentagon officials presented Joe Biden with several options for relocating US forces as close as possible to Russia's borders. Under one of these options, defense experts suggest sending between 1,000 and 5,000 troops to Eastern European countries, with the possibility of increasing their numbers if tensions in the region escalate.

The first shipment of military supplies, including ammunition, with a total tonnage of more than 90 tonnes, was delivered to Ukraine on Saturday. According to the US Embassy, ​​the United States provided more than 0 million in military aid last year, and Kiev has received .7 billion in aid since 2014. Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov announced yesterday the arrival of a second shipment of weapons weighing more than 80 tons.


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