Serbian woman from Kiev for "We have been at war for 7 years"

Maja Vuckovic is one of 80 of our people who live in Kiev, and as she says in an interview with, she will not behave like a stubborn Serbian woman, but if "things get tough", she will accept to leave that country.
"It is not easy to predict what will happen. I have somehow given in to my husband's assessments and promised that I will not be a stubborn Serb if it gets worse, but I will agree to leave Ukraine as soon as he estimates that the time has come. Will that time come? I hope not, is it safe - no, we receive notifications and news from various portals every hour".
Maja Vuckovic and her husband have been living in Kiev for three years, and when asked why she chose that city, she answers:
"Simply put, out of love for one man, my current husband. We first found ourselves in Lviv, a beautiful city in western Ukraine, and then, a few months later, we came to Kiev, where we are now. My husband is German, and he got a job in Ukraine as part of a large international organization. He had lived in Belgrade for more than five years, fell in love with Serbia and Serbs, and then married a Serbian woman. Fortunately, I have already developed my business online, the psychotherapy and education I hold, so I was at peace when he got the job here, I could go with him".
As she says, Kiev will always be for her "a place where she experienced two difficult crisis situations in her mature years: one when the COVID-19 pandemic began and the current one, when there is a threat of war."
The question arises, what is the current situation and whether she feels safe.

"We have been at war for 7 years" Tanjug/AP Photo/Alexei Alexandrov

Maja says that even before the escalation of the conflict, it was a regular occurrence to hear...

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