Brnabic: Vucic is being guarded

Among them are two Montenegrin citizens, but also citizens of the countries from and outside the European Union.
Ana Brnabi, hosted on RTS Daily news, said that our services are working day and night to find those who planned the assassination of the President of Serbia.
"What is important for me to emphasize for all our citizens - still at this moment, all those who are suspected and for whom we have evidence, are beyond the reach of our security services. So, we cannot reach them," Brnabic said.
According to her, two Montenegrin citizens, but also people from other countries - both inside and outside the European Union - are involved in planning the murder of Aleksandar Vui.
"I absolutely trust our security services, they do not have an easy task, they have an extremely difficult task, all security services work together - everyone is doing their best. I believe that we will prevent this. Do I feel safe at this moment - no, I don't feel safe. We still have a lot to do, we haven't removed the security threat to the life of President Aleksandar Vui. I believe we will, but we have to work day and night".

Several security rings around Vui

Asked if she has confidence in those who directly provide security for the president, the prime minister said that his security is currently at its maximum.
"There are several security rings around President Vui. I have no information that appeared in the media that we have such doubts... I strongly believe that the guys who are in the immediate security would give their lives for him at any moment, they are serious professionals, serious patriots, and they seriously personally devoted to the president", said Brnabi and pointed out that, besides the president and his family, it is the...

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