Still five digit numbers - more than 17.600

35.974 samples were tested.
There are 142 patients on respirators, while there are 3.301 on hospital treatment for this disease.
Coronavirus took 13.417 lives, and the mortality rate is 0.83.

Ruzic hinted at what the decision will be? Brnabi also spoke up Tanjug/Sava Radovanovi

Minister of Education, Branko Rui, said that a decision on the further work of schools should be made tomorrow due to the epidemiological situation.
He also hinted at what that decision would be like, saying that "he does not expect anything epochal to happen". Speaking for TV Pink, he said that the educational system is not a place for the transmission of coronavirus, and that there is also a burden in the form of the seasonal flu virus.
"In cooperation with omicron, the virus is causing problems, especially for teachers," he said. He added that the education system is ready for any decision that will be made tomorrow.
He reminded that according to the recommendations of the Crisis Staff, decreasing number students in schools has already been provided.

Brnabi: Switching to online teaching is a bad solution

I think that full transition to online teaching is a bad solution, Prime Minister Ana Brnabi told RTS today before the meeting of the School Team, and said that we are entering the third year of the pandemic, that students' knowledge and work habits were compromised and that it is important for sociological reasons to physically go to school.
Referring to the growing number of people infected with COVID in Serbia and the world, Brnabi agreed that "the numbers are dramatic" and that they "exploded". "On a weekly basis, we are monitoring how these numbers are moving throughout Europe, and we see that Serbia is not even in...

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