Bulgaria has Refused to Supply the Fifth Approved COVID Vaccine

Bulgaria has refused to supply the fifth vaccine approved by the European drug regulator against COVID-19 of the American company Novavax, and the decision was made by the caretaker government in August. This became clear from the answers of the Minister of Health Asena Serbezova to the GERB MP Kostadin Angelov (former Minister of Health) during the Friday parliamentary control.

Bulgarian Sociologist: The Conventional Vaccine of Novavax can be an Alternative for Skeptics

Serbezova said that the caretaker government has refused to supply the vaccine of Novavax, as the availability of vaccines against COVID-19 in Bulgaria significantly exceeds the needs of those wishing to be vaccinated. According to Serbezova, however, the new cabinet is determined to explore the possibilities for providing the Novavax vaccine, and for this purpose negotiations will be held in Sweden to provide some of the country's vaccines to Bulgaria.


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