Bulgarian Doctor: This is Not a Wave, this is a Tsunami, we have Too Many Patients

"We observe people with COVID-19 brought by their relatives, and then they do not appear in the quarantined list at all. Contacts are not isolated, they continue to walk the streets. It is not a betrayal to say who was in contact with you when you are infected". This was stated by Dr. Gergana Nikolova from BMA on Nova TV.

COVID-19 in Bulgaria: Victims of the Virus have Exceeded 33,000

According to her, the measures usually remain only on paper. "It's not a wave, it's a tsunami. We have an awful lot of patients. We are like volunteers on the front line, but 'Radetzky' will not come. Omicron will be different - unvaccinated infected people could end up intensive care units," said Dr. Nikolova. She believes that there is a growing interest in vaccines.

"We are dealing not only with patients at the moment but also with those with post-COVID syndrome. It affects many organs and systems," said Dr. Nikolova. And invited people to pay attention to each symptom. According to her, some patients get venous complications, and others - diabetic.

The doctor confirmed that at the moment there are indeed a higher number of positive samples from children, but in general COVID-19 is easier for them. "I would advise children with comorbidities to be immunized," she urged.


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