Brnabic: That will not happen

Brnabic told Happy TV that it was "unbelievable" that the people from that initiative, who, as she stated, said they were in favor of legality and constitutionality, proposed something like that.
"It will not happen, this is a country where the law is respected, this is a country of strong institutions," she said. She also assessed that what was announced regarding the blockade of the elections is not taken seriously by anyone.
She added that this was not discussed during the recent visit of MEPs to Belgrade. "I don't think anyone takes it seriously," she said.
She reiterated that the point was made on Rio Tinto and that it was done for the sake of the people, and that she knows that there are many citizens who are sincerely concerned about the protection of the environment. Brnabi also assessed that, unlike the citizens, some environmental movements have shown that their actions are primarily politically directed against Aleksandar Vui.
The "Kreni-Promeni" initiative asked the Government of Serbia to make a decision on the ban on the excavation of lithium and pine in Serbia by the April elections. The director of the "Kreni-promeni" campaign, Savo Manojlovi, said that, if that does not happen, he will organize a declaration of environmental organizations and citizens with two options. According to him, the first option, if the required decision is not reached, will be "election obstruction".
He stated that the second option, if the first one is not accepted, is that "(politicians) will not get away with it in the campaign".

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