The EU is in Talks with Several Countries over Gas Supplies

The EU is talking about securing gas supplies to Europe with several countries, including the United States, Norway, Qatar and Azerbaijan. This was announced today by a spokesman for the European Commission at a press conference in response to questions.

He specified that in the coming days representatives of the European Commission will have meetings on this topic in Washington and Baku. According to him, Norway has increased the amount of gas supplies to the EU in recent months.

According to him, it is still not possible to say when and how the commission's investigation into possible violations of market rules by gas producers and suppliers in the EU, which began last autumn, will end. He clarified that the inspection aims to establish whether there is a link between the actions of these companies and the increase in energy prices.

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The spokesman explained that Gazprom had received answers with publicly available data, but the EC was still waiting for the Russian company to complete the questionnaire. He clarified that an infringement can only be established if there is evidence of an agreement or an agreed action against market rules, or of an abuse of a dominant position.

The expansion of the Nord Stream pipeline is not a project of European interest and must comply with European rules, the spokesman said. He explained that so far the deadlines for approving the project have been suspended until further documents are received.

The assessment of the German authorities is then expected, and if they rule in favor, the EC will have to issue an opinion on the extent to which the project complies with European law. The spokesman noted that the...

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