Russian Ambassador: Bulgaria is Not a Target for Russia

"Bulgaria is not a target for Russia because there are no strategic weapons on its territory." This was stated by the Ambassador of Russia Her Excellency Eleonora Mitrofanova on Nova TV.

She stressed that any military bases that threaten Russian security are already targets.

"If military bases and strategic weapons are located in Bulgaria, then you would become a target. There are none. You are not a target and your government is not speaking harshly," said Ambassador Mitrofanova.

She stressed that no one in Russia would say that Bulgaria is an enemy. According to her, we must adhere to this positive point of view.

"I do not accept the image of Russia as an aggressor," the Russian ambassador said. She recalled that her country was severely damaged during World War II, losing more than 27 million people. "We will never be the first to start any war," she added.

Ambassador Mitrofanova stressed that Russia's natural gas supplies could only be stopped if a full-scale war breaks out and the entire gas infrastructure is destroyed. However, she does not allow such a pessimistic scenario.

"Russia has always been a reliable foreign trade supplier of natural gas. Europe is punishing itself by not launching the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. For Russia, this is not a crisis situation, we will redirect our flows to the East. This is a problem for Europe. The Americans are not reliable partners in the supply of liquefied natural gas, and it is much more expensive than Russian pipeline gas," said Ambassador Mitrofanova, adding that Gazprom has always responded to Bulgaria's requests.

Regarding the sanctions that the West is threatening Russia with, she believes that their introduction...

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