Rescuing a boy attracted worldwide attention: Oxygen and water provided to him VIDEO

Currently, the action of digging a hole in parallel with the well is in progress, and the rescuers managed to deliver oxygen and water to the boy. A camera was also lowered next to him in order to monitor his condition at all times.
Moroccan news agency MAP reported that drilling a hole through which they plan to pull the boy out is near the end, with "hope that it will reach 32 meters in the next few hours".

الله يرده بالسلامة، عم تابع بث مباشر لمحاولة انقاذ الطفل ريان في #المغرب ، الله يخلصه ويرجعه لحضن اهله بخير وسلامه، قولوا امين 🤲 #أنقذوا_ريان

— Elie Merheb | ايلي مرعب  (@_ElieMerheb) February 3, 2022

The ambulance team is constantly on duty by the well, which will perform the first examinations and possible resuscitation after the boy is pulled out. Oxygen and water were delivered to the boy via a pipe, and a police helicopter is on standby, which will take him to a nearby hospital.

I think everyone of us, every Moroccan around the globe is awake, watching and praying for 5-year-old #Rayan to be rescued and reunited with his parents. Its midnight in #Morocco now and theyre still digging to be able to reach Rayan.

— Boutaïna Azzabi Ezzaouia (@Boutaina) February 3, 2022

Government spokesman Mustapha Baitas promised that the child would be saved soon. "Our hearts are with the family and we pray that he returns to them as soon as possible."

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